From Gym Fear to Fitness Fun

Working out is fun. Exercise is fun. I’ve met too many people who dread walking into a gym. Is it because you’re not quite sure what to do? Are you embarrassed of what others will think? Maybe you’re scared of failing? No, there isn’t such a thing as “gymnophobia”. This is all about making fitnessContinue reading “From Gym Fear to Fitness Fun”

The Concept of Calories and Portion Control

Years ago I was struggling to lose even a single pound! It was hard, and honestly I felt like nothing would ever work for me. It was around Thanksgiving time when I was thinking about all the irresistible food that I usually pile onto my plate. I mean, let’s be reasonable here… Deliciously juicy turkey, mashedContinue reading “The Concept of Calories and Portion Control”

Introduction to Nutrition and Understanding Labels

What is nutrition? According to Merriam-Webster it is “the act or process of nourishing or being nourished”. If we look further into the word “nourish” we see that it is defined as “to promote the growth of”. That’s where this introduction to nutrition comes in. Introduction to Nutrition From this point onward, I want youContinue reading “Introduction to Nutrition and Understanding Labels”

Jump Start Your Workout with Cellucor

Are you heading into training soon? Maybe you just want to get the most out of your workout. Whatever your regime may be, a good pre-workout supplement can be key to getting the best workout possible. Don’t let premature fatigue slow you down. Start your workout with a top-notch pre-workout supplement and train hard! NotContinue reading “Jump Start Your Workout with Cellucor”

My Personal Experience with the Results App

Weight management can sometimes be a complicated topic. I personally go through phases of weight loss goals or trying to build muscle. Lately I’ve been trying to burn stubborn fat off my body. It had been such a struggle! For about 5 months my weight has ranged from 265-275lbs. This graph from Fitbit shows theContinue reading “My Personal Experience with the Results App”

September Gift Card Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! There were so many entries, and a few of you who reached out to me via email were even offered some shorter term coaching for free. (P.S. if you’re interested in that let me know. I may still have a few spots left.) The September giftContinue reading “September Gift Card Giveaway Winners”