Small Changes Build Big Habits – Interview with Megan Anderson

Megan is a personal trainer, devote mother, loyal wife, and amazing podcast guest. She shares her experience of some tragic events in her life, and how she decided to turn to making health and wellness a priority. This lead her to who she is today. Her philosophy of making small changes that compound into sustainable […]

Do What You Love – Interview with Sydona Tregoning

Sydona is a competitor who started young, and over the past few years has been growing tremendously as a personal trainer. She shares those experiences and what drove her to focus less on competing and more on something she loves: helping others reach their goals. Discover reasons why you should do what you love and […]

Empowered to Be Your Best Self – Interview with Eliannah Linehan

This incredible episode will run you through Eliannah Linehan’s experience of how she got started with fitness in her youth, which lead up to being a two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor. Her experience has brought her to obtain her personal training certification and enter into her first bikini competition. Learn how to truly believe in […]