Passion for Pilates – Interview with Tara Campos

I had a fabulous time interviewing Tara Campos on the John Barker Fitness Podcast. She has a wide set of certifications ranging from nutrition and personal training, to group fitness and an in-depth pilates certification. Her passion is powerful and is delivered very well in her message on this podcast episode. Give it a listenContinue reading “Passion for Pilates – Interview with Tara Campos”

Growing Stronger as a Father, Athlete, and Coach – Interview with Alex Ippoliti

Today’s guest is an experienced trail sportsman, a fitness enthusiast, and more importantly a man devoted to living healthy so he can be there for his family and help others do the same. Want to listen to his interview? Listen Now! Visit Alex on his website at or on Instagram @littleriverfitness Lastly, don’t forgetContinue reading “Growing Stronger as a Father, Athlete, and Coach – Interview with Alex Ippoliti”

Habits Lead to Longer Lasting Results

I went to the gym today! Okay, I know it’s not really that exciting, but honestly that’s the kind of feeling I have every time I go. Sure, sometimes I lack some energy, and other times I just feel like I’m going for the sake of going. Ultimately it’s the habit that I build thatContinue reading “Habits Lead to Longer Lasting Results”