About Us

john barker fitness

My Fitness Approach

I believe in fitness being  lifestyle built on good habits and best practices. I'm not a fan of fitness fads and trends that fade with time. While they may work for a short period and for some people, the majority will find greater success by living in a way which allows them to achieve results that last. Whether you're on my Instagram account (@jbarkfit) or watching my videos on YouTube (JBarkFit), I will always try to inspire others to do their best and work hard for what they want.

My Story

I don't remember the first time I stepped into a gym, but it must have been around the time I turned 16.  When I was younger I struggled with confidence and always felt like my weight impacted many things in life. Fitness has changed that. For a long time now I have been living a lifestyle that has allowed me to become happier, feel better, and look more like my goal every day.  My goal is to continually learn and grow, while inspiring others to be their best selves along the way.

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