Built Bar

My sister and mother were the ones who introduces me to these precious gems. They raved over how awesome Built Bars are, and I was super skeptical. Let's just skip right to the point where I ate three of them regardless of dinner almost being ready because I love them so much.

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First off, I can't believe how many flavors there are. One of the biggest challenges with protein and energy bars for me is finding a flavor that isn't stereotypical or that isn't "overused". These guys broke the trend with their lineup.

Even when you look at the comparison chart, it's fairly clear to see how it stacks up to other bars. I'm a huge fan of how they're only 110 calories, which means I can add a small amount to my day without having to cut bars in half. That and the amount of carbs and protein in each one is a pretty decent balance if you're counting macros.