Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein Review

I have tried many different protein powders over the past decade, and the Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein is an absolute must-try.Throughout this review I’ll go over the flavors, ingredients, recipes, and other competitor vegan protein powders.Run Everything Labs currently has 6 flavors of their Plant-Based Protein:

  • Big Berry
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Peanut
  • Mint Chocolate

run everything labs vegan protein

I have only tried the Chocolate flavor, and it was absolutely incredible! I even had to try it blended in a smoothie with some ice and peanut butter. I honestly can’t remember another chocolate flavor tasting so good.If you’d like to check out the product page, feel free, but if you get some make sure to use the coupon code “RESULTS” for 15% off your whole purchase.So now let’s break it down. The Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein is a blend of peas, brown rice, and pumpkin infused with coconut oil powder. It’s gluten free, vegan, non GMO, naturally sweetened with stevia, contains digestive enzymes, and has a solid amino acid profile. Also, it doesn’t have any artificial flavoring at all!The macronutrients make this veg protein a top of the line supplements.

By the way, you can use Coupon Code “RESULTS” at for 15% off your purchase.

Chocolate Vegan Protein

  • Calories: 122
  • Protein: 22g
  • Carbs: 1g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Fat: 2.5g

Vanilla Vegan PRotein

  • Calories: 119
  • Protein: 20g
  • Carbs: 2g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Fat: 3g

After trying this protein I wanted to see what others thought about it, so I did a quick search and found a couple of different reviews. There were a few people who made videos on their thoughts, but more wrote blog posts. You can see them below. For the most part it seemed that the general consensus was positive. Run Everything Labs appears to have been spot on with this one.  From flavor, to ingredients, to overall brand appearance the reviews look good.

Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein Video Reviews

Other Reviews:

Now, something I wanted to touch on that the other reviewers didn’t seem to mention is the mission that Run Everything Labs has. It really is quite unique, and I even touch on it in this recent YouTube video. Here is an excerpt from their website:

We recognize that we have a lot of influence in people’s lives. Influence to be healthier.  Influence to feel better and more confident in themselves. Influence to chase dreams and that anything is possible if you work hard enough.  So now we would like to influence people to make efforts to towards a greater good.  Give back to our communities.  Help others that are less fortunate. Spread awareness and give support where we see needed.

They will even donate a percentage of overall sales to a non-profit organization or charity. How cool is that?! Even better, is that they don’t limit it to any single organization or charity. This allows consumers like us to add our own input on potentially which charity they’ll donate to. If you’d like to check it out, their mission statement is below.

Run Everything Labs – Our Mission

Okay, so probably my favorite part. Cooking! I love cooking, baking, eating, and anything involving food really. I haven’t shown it often, but you can see me in action making these Cream Cheese Wontons (Cream Cheese Rangoons) like you’ll find at Panda Express. Here are some other recipes you can use the Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein for.


There’s a recipe I really want to try with this protein powder that I’ve done many times before with different protein powders. It makes really delicious pancakes:

  • 1 Egg (Use vegan substitutes for a vegan recipe such as VeganEgg)
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Scoop Run Everything Labs Vegan Protein Powder

Combine all ingredients until fully mixed. Pour onto a skillet or griddle and cook as you would a normal pancake, flipping half way through.

I’ll probably post it on Instagram when I make this recipe. Comment below with more recipe ideas that you might want to try! Also, if you’d like to try some of their Vegan Protein use Coupon Code “RESULTS” at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

Show The World Rocket Pop NEW Stim-Free Pre Workout

Show The World Rocket Pop flavor is the brand new flavor of stimulant-free pre workout from Run Everything Labs. I haven’t typically used non-stimulant pre workout in the past, but this one packs quite the punch. It actually works really well if you’re wanting to avoid caffeine or take a break from it. I discovered you can still get “the pump” while taking this, and energy definitely was not lacking. I must admit I’m quite the sucker for these rocket pop and icy rocket type flavors. It always takes me back to the actual Popsicle I had when I was younger.

They’re actually running a sale on it over at right now. If you spend over $50 you get a free shirt! (Until the sale ends or supplies run out)

So I figured I would take the time to overview some of the key players when it comes to ingredients. My favorite on the list has to be L-Citrulline Malate. This is a precursor to arginine which stimulates nitric-oxide production which is a vasodilator. What does that all mean? More blood flow. That’s the key. More blood flow to your muscles.

The next ingredient in there I would say is worth highlighting is the creatine monohydrate. Supplementing with creatine will increase the creatine phosphate stores in your muscles which enables a higher ATP availability for muscle contractions. (Yeah, I know it’s a lot of science junk, but hey it works!)

All the ingredients are good, but the last one I would want to mention is the beta alanine. This little guy has a similar effect to creatine when taken over longer periods of time. It will help increase your endurance and decrease fatigue and soreness.

I could go into a lot more detail about Show The World (STW), but I’ll save all that science mumbo jumbo for another post. If you happen to read this and the sale already ended, feel free to use the code below for 15% off your purchase:

Discount Code: “RESULTS” at for 15% off your purchase.

Now, what happens if you pick this stuff up but don’t have any motivation to work out? Read this for some pointers. Once you get motivated you may want to try some different fat burning workouts or modify some ones you already do.

Fat Burning Workouts that Actually Work

Well, you’re either here because you have a lot to lose, want to shed off just a few more pounds, or are just overall curious about fat burning workouts. The short answer? All of them burn fat to some degree. The long answer? I suppose you’ll just have to keep reading for that.

Whether you’re new to exercising or have been on it for years, I hope to provide something of value in this article. I’ve done a lot of research over the past decade and really narrowed it down to this. What works best for one person, may not work as well for others, but the basic underlying principles are the same.

If you want to burn more fat, you have to move more.

Fat Burning Workouts


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT and I have a love hate relationship. It works great for burning high amounts of energy in short periods of time. However the intensity is so high that it’s not reasonable to hold that level of activity for extended periods of time. I typically prefer low impact exercises such as cycling or swimming due to the stress that running puts on my knees. I do like to switch things up though and run some sprints from time to time.

The way it works is by performing a lower intensity action such as jogging for 30 seconds followed by high intensity sprinting for 30 seconds. The length of intervals should vary depending on how conditioned you are. This repeats for 20 to 30 minutes. A typical result from a HIIT workout is around 8 to 12 calories per minute. This cycles of course due to the nature of the method with higher burn during intensity intervals and lower burn during low intensity intervals. Over a 30 minute workout you could expect to see 240 to 360 calories. I won’t go into the details of how these calories are burned, but Jeff Nippard made a great video on the difference between HIIT and LISS.


LISS is somewhat of a sister to high intensity interval training. It stands for Low Intensity Steady State. This type of workout is usually done for longer periods of time ranging from 30 to 60 minutes or more. Select an exercise such as cycling, brisk walking, swimming, or other activity you can do at a moderate pace for a long duration. For example cycling at a moderate pace will burn you around 470 to 750 calories in an hour. This almost directly correlates to the calories you burn during HIIT, but the mechanisms of energy expenditure are different. Again, I would refer you to Jeff’s video for more detail on their difference.


Tabata workouts are something I am not as familiar with when it comes to fat burning workouts. A buddy of mine introduced me to them and let me say, it killed! I’m more used to strength training so it was definitely a change up of my regular routine. I may get some strange comments for this one, but I feel like Tabata is sort of a mix between Crossfit and high intensity interval training. For a Tabata workout you do a high level of intensity of a certain exercise (such as push ups or jump squats) for 20 seconds without stopping followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated a total of 8 times accounting for 4 minutes of workout. This is repeated with about 10 different exercises leaving you with a total body workout over a short 40 minute period.

Strength Training

Strength Training is my favorite go-to of all fat burning workouts. Depending on my goals at the time I will either lift weights 3 or 6 times each week. For the weeks I do 3 weight training days I will alternate them with cardio days. For the past few months my muscle group split has been Chest with Back, Biceps with Triceps, and Legs with Shoulders and Abs. I cycle through this either 1 or 2 times per week.

Depending on the amount of weight you are lifting and the number of sets or reps you do, you may see a wide variety of calorie burn. With larger muscle groups such as back or legs you may see higher calorie burn than, for example, when you work out biceps and triceps. I’m putting together an Exercise Video Library for Eternity Athletics on YouTube, and you can check out those videos here: Exercise Video Library Playlist. This way you can see what different exercises there are for strength training.

How to Find Motivation to Work Out

I couldn’t really think of anything I would rather start this blog out with than how to find motivation to work out. This is something I used to struggle with a lot. Heck, I still struggle with it from time to time. Motivation is one of those funny little things. Some say you have to find it inside you. Others say you have to just do what you know will help you reach your goals regardless of how motivated you are. It’s all one and the same to me. Whether you get it done or not, the power that drives you to do so is key. Motivation. Desire. Passion. Necessity.

What drives you to get up and go? What makes you get in the gym or on the yoga mat?

I personally find it anywhere I can. Whether that’s seeing somebody else in the gym and wanting to be like them or myself feeling terrible about being lazy, or any number of other things. The real difference is never giving up.

How to Find Motivation to Work Out

So there have been several people I’ve looked up to when it comes to fitness and how to find motivation to work out. Typically I’ll follow them on Instagram as it’s easy to just scroll through for a few minutes and see some inspiring fitness-related stuff. Facebook works too, but for me I prefer Instagram.

If you want to follow my account check it out here:

So who do I follow? Here’s a few:

Dana Linn Bailey (@danalinnbailey)

She has got to be one of my most highly regarded fitness role models. DLB has quite the history in the fitness industry, including competing in both bodybuilding and power lifting. She and Rob have started their own supplement line and apparel company. (By the way if you weren’t aware, REL donates a portion of each sale to charity. How cool is that?!) I had the privilege of meeting Dana and Rob last year at a fitness expo and truly appreciate their inspiration to others. Oh, and by the way if you want 15% off at use coupon code “RESULTS”. I was recently accepted as an official REL Team Member, so feel free to use that discount!

Jeff Nippard (@jeffnippard)

Jeff has also competed in natural bodybuilding competitions and has a deep history in the fitness industry. I primarily follow him on his YouTube channel. Each week he posts amazing content that I just have to jump on and watch when it comes out. His content comes from a science based approach to fitness. If you get bored by that style, then maybe it’s not the channel for you, but it definitely grew on me and now I turn to it not only for motivation but for education as well.

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Carriejune Anne Ace (@misscarriejune)

Carriejune is highly motivational. She has a clothing line called Mini Beast and is definitely one I turn to for how to find motivation to work out. She recently got married to Steve Ace who is also very much so into fitness and quite the inspiration. I recommend checking her out as well.

Those are just a few of the people I’ve found to check in on when I’m feeling the need for some fitness motivation.

Have you ever just felt so bad about where you’re at that it almost angers you and pushes you to act? You know, that feeling after eating a bunch of donuts or way too many In N Out burgers? You just want to go straight to the gym and burn it all off out of regret?

Okay so maybe it’s not quite like that, but you get the point. A desire to change one’s current stage can overpower any lack of drive present only moments before. I personally weigh myself every single day. Controversial? Maybe. Some say this is a bad idea. I personally use it as a way to show myself how dedicated I am and how I afraid I am of change. The scale goes up and the scale goes down. Change is good! It won’t always go one direction, so just don’t get down on yourself when it’s not what you want. Just use those feelings to get yourself out the door and working out.

Lastly, I just want to touch on one of my most passionate sources of motivation. Love. Cheesy? Nah. Love yourself. Love your body. Don’t change your lifestyle because you hate the way you look or you hate the way you feel. Change because you love feeling good, and you love looking good. Have you ever just looked in the mirror and thought “man I’m looking good today” or “check out those biceps”. No? Well imagine how it would feel if you did! I’m currently a higher body fat percentage than I would rather be. Does that mean I hate my body? Nope. It just means I remember where I was in July of 2014 when I was stronger, leaner, weighed less, etc. That’s what I fight for. What is it that you fight for?

I’d really like to hear what all of you think when it comes to how to find motivation when working out. Drop a comment below and converse a little. If you don’t feel like sharing just send me an email and we’ll talk. If you haven’t seen my YouTube channel I’d love for you to check it out (JBarkFit on YouTube). I hope I’ve inspired at least one person to live a little better today. Maybe next time you’ll just be the one providing motivation for someone else. Choose to be an inspiration, whether for yourself or for another. Thanks for stopping by!