Three Pillars of Success

Welcome to another episode of the John Barker Fitness podcast. In this episode, I am trying something a little different here and I’m not having a guest on with me today. I will be discussing the three pillars of success. Now, this is a concept that I’ve put together over the past few months thatContinue reading “Three Pillars of Success”

Habits Lead to Longer Lasting Results

I went to the gym today! Okay, I know it’s not really that exciting, but honestly that’s the kind of feeling I have every time I go. Sure, sometimes I lack some energy, and other times I just feel like I’m going for the sake of going. Ultimately it’s the habit that I build thatContinue reading “Habits Lead to Longer Lasting Results”

New Year, New You: Starting With Mindset

Mindset is about dedicating oneself to a goal and understanding what it requires to accomplish it. Avoid Resolution Regret Research shows that about 55% of people will have abandoned their new year’s resolutions within the first six months of the new year. The problem is that we often set goals that we aren’t invested inContinue reading “New Year, New You: Starting With Mindset”

Getting Back On Track with Health and Fitness

In a world that is so abundant with to do lists and distractions, you may find it difficult to stay consistent with things that matter most to you. Your personal health and fitness is very important. However, sometimes it tends to fall out of focus when it comes to seeing your priorities. I’ve recently experiencedContinue reading “Getting Back On Track with Health and Fitness”

From Gym Fear to Fitness Fun

Working out is fun. Exercise is fun. I’ve met too many people who dread walking into a gym. Is it because you’re not quite sure what to do? Are you embarrassed of what others will think? Maybe you’re scared of failing? No, there isn’t such a thing as “gymnophobia”. This is all about making fitnessContinue reading “From Gym Fear to Fitness Fun”

Fitness Influencers on Instagram Share Their Wisdom

I was amazed by the response I got when I asked such a simple question. “If you could recommend only one fitness tip to the world, what would it be and why?”. I reached out to a few people who I would call a fitness influencer on Instagram to ask them that very question. WhatContinue reading “Fitness Influencers on Instagram Share Their Wisdom”