Spartan Carton Review

I recently reviewed the Spartan Carton, which provides monthly goodies related to health and fitness. Here is the video review, and the text review is below. On today’s video, I’m going to be reviewing the spartan carton, which is a monthly subscription box with supplements and other health and fitness-related items. There are two levels.Continue reading “Spartan Carton Review”

September Gift Card Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! There were so many entries, and a few of you who reached out to me via email were even offered some shorter term coaching for free. (P.S. if you’re interested in that let me know. I may still have a few spots left.) The September giftContinue reading “September Gift Card Giveaway Winners”

Show The World Rocket Pop NEW Stim-Free Pre Workout

Show The World Rocket Pop flavor is the brand new flavor of stimulant-free pre workout from Run Everything Labs. I haven’t typically used non-stimulant pre workout in the past, but this one packs quite the punch. It actually works really well if you’re wanting to avoid caffeine or take a break from it. I discoveredContinue reading “Show The World Rocket Pop NEW Stim-Free Pre Workout”