Tips to Losing Weight After Pregnancy

TIPS TO LOSING WEIGHT AFTER PREGNANCY Worried about shedding that extra weight post-pregnancy? You are not alone! Losing weight postpartum comes with its own set of struggles, as where on one hand you are recovering from childbirth, on the other you are getting used to a new life with your newborn baby. Most women struggleContinue reading “Tips to Losing Weight After Pregnancy”

The Concept of Calories and Portion Control

Years ago I was struggling to lose even a single pound! It was hard, and honestly I felt like nothing would ever work for me. It was around Thanksgiving time when I was thinking about all the irresistible food that I usually pile onto my plate. I mean, let’s be reasonable here… Deliciously juicy turkey, mashedContinue reading “The Concept of Calories and Portion Control”