Blogging Leads to Larger Influence

Adding a blog to your site can be a powerful tool. It allows you to express yourself and share your passions while simultaneously providing access to acquired knowledge. You can position yourself as an authority in the industry by creating value for your readers. This will also enable you to build more online exposure as you enhance your online portfolio.

Build an Online Portfolio

Who you are plays a big role in the influence you have when helping others. You have your own story. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who may go through experiences similar to yours. The only difference is you. This is key when you share your experiences online through blogging or social media.

You can build an online portfolio of experiences and knowledge that have helped you get to the point where you are today. Can you remember the first time you read through a blog post or an Instagram post and felt like you could really change something that would make a difference in your life? Each time you produce something to put online, you need to think about how it may cause a positive change in the reader.

Earn More Exposure

As you grow your website and blog, the content you produce will earn you more exposure. I published an article that was born from conversations I had with many Instagram users based in the fitness industry.

Fitness Influencers on Instagram Share Their Wisdom

When I posed this article and shared it back to those who contributed, the views on my website more than doubled for that month. Opportunities like this help new people see your blog and your brand. This enables you to have a larger audience with more exposure to those who may be interested in you.

Share Your Knowledge

You don’t need to be an expert to share what you know. My background stems from a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a graduate degree in Business Analytics.  Everything that I know is constantly evolving over time. I carry years of personal experience and personal learning that I simply utilize on this blog as I continue to grow.

For example, at the time of writing this I haven’t done too much reading when it comes to diabetes, blood sugar levels, and impacts of insulin response on exercise and growth. However I will be posting within the next few weeks on things that I have learned about this topic as it interests me.

As you learn about things that interest you, take the opportunity to share that with your audience and they will begin to see how passionate you are about providing them with new and updated information.

Make A Difference

Ultimately, you will be able to make a difference. When you share your passion with those around you, they will see that you are sincere and you can make a difference. My personal goal is to help people improve themselves personally in some way according to their goals. If I can have that influence on only on person each time I write a post, then my goal is met.

Reach out to me with any questions you have, and comment below with what you are passionate about.