Does It Really Make A Difference

It seems like forever ago when I first started going to fitness expos. I think the first one I ever attended was the Mr. Olympia in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then I’ve attended the LA Fit Expo and the Mr. Olympia on several occassions.

Just being in that atmosphere seemed to provide a significant amount of motivation. Now with COVID having impacted so many things in the way that it did, those expos haven’t been as available as in the past.

It’s odd though, because even while being at the gym I would experience a sort of familiarity to those expos, yet the motivational change was not present.

Now as I work out at home, or even at the gym, or wherever it may be I find that intrinsic motivation to be more present in contrast to previous circumstances.

I think that’s why it’s most important for each individual to find what motivates them for themselves, and not rely on other sources for that motivation. It used to be that I had to set myself in a specific routine in order to “optimize my workouts”. None of that truly matters in the whole scheme of things, rather putting in the work and understanding where you’re headed is what makes the biggest difference.

Even today I was considering going to the gym for my workout, but I’ve decided to simply head home for a workout there and utilize my Nova Gym and Base Blocks. It’s been a while since I’ve really worked on calisthenics anyway.

I would be interested in understanding what each of your points of motivation is and really start to gauge how each person is driven. Drop a comment or send me an email.

Since this is more of a rant post, I’ll mention a few things about fitness tech, or fitness products. I’ve somewhat grown tired of them if I’m to be honest. I’ve always loved to track data and understand various metrics. I was even so upset when my Fitbit broke because it went in water, in spite of being water resistant marketed by the company.

It turns out, I think I liked the idea of having the data more than the data itself. I currently just use an inexpensive, yet still high quality, Wyze watch and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Just take this as a friendly reminder to be conscious of what you’re doing or what you’re buying and ask yourself, “is this really going to make a difference to my health and fitness?”.

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