How to Pick a Personal Trainer

How many of you have picked out a new car or even something as simple as a case for your cell phone? These types of decisions can involve a lot of thought, and it should be the same way when you pick a personal trainer to work with.

There is a fairly easy breakdown of things you should consider when finding one to work with.

Goal Oriented

A personal trainer or online coach should always keep your goals in mind. This is vitally important from the moment they start creating your program through every progress check in. Be cautious of those who give you boiler plate workouts or nutrition plans. Every person is different, and so should their training programs be. Ask your trainer how he/she can specifically help you with your goals, and be open and honest when answering question they might have.


Don’t expect your trainer to be an expert all things fitness. Unless you’re wanting to pay thousands for a PhD level professor to teach you (which in my opinion would be highly ineffective as a trainer) give a little slack. You should, however, expect them to be able to answer questions you have in ways that you can understand. The whole goal of this is to be able to apply what’s taught to you in your personal fitness. As a trainer myself, I will coach clients while continuously reading and learning to improve my ability to help.


Everything becomes increasingly difficult when you’re tied down to a strict schedule from either side of the trainer-client relationship. If you’re receiving training in-person it’s important to come to an agreement that works for both of you. Online Coaching is a much more flexible format where you can receive your training program and have it on demand. At the same time you can plan your workout times around your own schedule. This is why I prefer to do the majority of my coaching online while having at least a couple in-person sessions in the beginning when possible.


You shouldn’t expect to lose 50lbs in one week, and your trainer shouldn’t promise you that type of progress either. Ask directly about realistic results and understand that even if they say you will lose 1lb each week that results also depend on you. I’ve had many clients who get their programming and fail to perform. Don’t expect to eat anything and everything, work out once every two weeks, and see any progress at all. The best situation is when the trainer and the client put in equal amounts of work. It’s a very mutual relationship that can reap realistic results when trust exists.


The absolute most important thing when selecting a personal trainer or online coach is to find someone you can connect with. Keep the relationship focused on your training, but if your personalities don’t clash you’ll get better results. Find someone flexible with schedule and programming who is knowledgeable and realistic when it comes to your goals.

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