MASS Review – Monthly Applications in Strength Sport

For years I considered becoming a certified personal trainer to increase my knowledge and be able to continually improve. I eventually became certified and even trained several clients. I found that I just wasn’t getting the whole experience I was was hoping. Then enters Jeff Nippard. I subscribe to his channel on YouTube because he’s got a great personality and a unique way of presenting information. However unique, it was also scientifically sound. He often mentioned MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sport), so I decided to give it a shot.

I have now been subscribed to MASS for almost 2 years and honestly haven’t ever looked back.

Here’s the breakdown:

Each month you can “get concise and applicable breakdowns of the latest strength, physique, and nutrition research”. They’ll review and break down a bunch of studies and summarize them into topics for each article to include in the monthly release.

For example, the most recent issue I got (delivered consistently via email in convenient PDF format, among other media formats) has an article by Eric Trexler titled “Protein Distribution Matters, To An Extent”. Now I know this is a question that comes up often, and most people who ponder it end up turning to Google and the chaotic mess that can raise up from forums and chat rooms.

Turns out, there’s some science to the question, and some nuances to go along with it. The answer may not be as cut and dry as the random bro on Reddit leads you to believe, but MASS is something I can depend on. When I read their articles, I don’t get the sense of bias or any one-sided opinion. They present the facts and relay variables to the principles at hand.

So back to the personal training thought I mentioned initially. If you are a personal trainer, I highly recommend MASS as it will give you a stronger ability to help your clients and a higher capacity to coach based on sound principles and scientific evidence without combing through hundreds of pieces of literature on your own.

If you’re not a personal trainer, but enjoy learning a little more in-depth than what you commonly find online or in casual conversation, you should consider MASS.

If you’re not quite ready to jump right in, you can always get a free copy of what they offer.

FREE Volume: “10 Recent Studies You Should Know About

Then again, if you want to sign up click here and cancel any time (but I doubt you’ll even want to).

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