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10 tips from fitness influencers on instagram

I was amazed by the response I got when I asked such a simple question. “If you could recommend only one fitness tip to the world, what would it be and why?”. I reached out to a few people who I would call a fitness influencer on Instagram to ask them that very question. What do you think they said?

How would you answer that question? I am very grateful for the replies I received. I’ve decided to share them with you all here.  If you feel like any of these people will help you get closer to your goals, then I recommend you follow them. I constantly find the fitness community on Instagram to be helpful.

Enjoy these responses! (P.S. I’m on IG as @jbarkfit)


Mindfulness. It is a simple, yet complex. Know your body, especially under the stress of weights, or the ground passing beneath you. Pain is a response that tells you something is going on, and to know how to differentiate between the pain of work or dysfunction can make or break you – put the ego down, and listen to your body. It is equally important to be mindful of those around you. We all do not follow a linear path of progression. Negative envy is the wrong response – appreciate the work you put in yourself, and the work of others.

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You have to find a good-enough reason to get you going say in and day out. If you don’t have that “thing” to push you, motivate you, inspire you, you will simply give up when things become hard. If you want something so badly, you will do anything you can to achieve that. So, choose that thing and remind yourself of i every single day.


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Move. Find a passion for something that moves your body and do it. Whether you love Pilates, swimming, running, or even weightlifting, just get out and do it. Fitness is for everyone and there is no right way to enjoy it. My recommendation is to find something you enjoy, and can even challenge you, and then work towards being better at it. We will have instances where we love running or swimming, and sometimes where you just wanna go lift weights. Whatever fitness you enjoy and want to do, that is the right one for you.

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Patience and consistency are key. Too often people want a quick and easy solution to lose weight or gaining muscle when in reality there isn’t one. In order to determine if a program is working, you need to be consistent with your diet especially, and your training. During this time, you also need to be patient. The day to day changes will seem small. Take progress photos weekly and once you start comparing weeks and months, you’ll see all that hard work paying off.

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Take unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. People will offer advice that might counter your approach to physical fitness.  Don’t let this discourage you. The thing of it is, there are many ways to accomplish achieving physical health and fitness.  As long as you are giving it your all and are following a successful method you will reach your goal. Disregard discouragement.

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Don’t be afraid, of being afraid. There will be a time when you get under a weight that scares you! If anyone says there isn’t, they are LYING! But the growth comes when you take that fear and you turn it into excitement. There will be a lot of things that scare you, weight loss, work, school. But fear isn’t the enemy. Fear should be your fuel. Use that fear and mold it to your will. Again, don’t be afraid, of being afraid!

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Just. Keep. Showing. Up. Never quit. There is no way you could possibly fail if you just keep putting in the work.

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Find time for movement daily, work less and laugh more. I feel like we move too little, and work too much, and we are all up in our heads. Which in my honest opinion leads to depression and anxiety. It’s important to laugh more and enjoy your time here while we have it.

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If I could recommend one fitness tip to the world it would be develop a strong foundation. You can make a ton of progress by mastering the fundamentals . Don’t need to get fancy with your exercise choices. Master the basics and movements that work best for you. You’ll get the most out of your training that way.

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Take fitness day-by-day. That seems so simple, but that’s the way to really progress. We often get too caught up on an end goal that we don’t take the time to sit down, lay out a plan – for our workouts and our diets – and then really take it seriously every day. Every workout we walk into, every set, stretch, rep, meal – stay focused in the moment. Focus on the purpose of what you’re doing, and see it through. If you’re focused in the moment, you’ll find once it’s time to assess your progress, accomplishing your goals comes much more easily – and you actually enjoyed the process of getting there.

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The one fitness tip that I would recommend to someone would “Compete everyday for you”. With the jump in the FAD of health in wellness over the past few years, its clear that there are many so called “Instagram famous” people that most will not only look up to but try and mimic. This typically leaves them vulnerable to the self-image problem. The Problem that comes from this is clear, you will never be that person BUT you can be the best version of yourself. While it is good to look up to others, you also have to understand that you are you.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the responses I got from these people. They truly are great when it comes to reach their goals and motivating others. I know that the term fitness influencer might have quite the broad meaning for some. However, these individuals truly have a big influence through the way they live their lives.


Remember that you have never exhausted all your options. I’ve seen so many people give up on their goals far too soon. Identify whether your struggle might be with programming, nutrition, etc., then if you keep at it and keep exploring your options one day things will just click. What works for everyone else may not work for you thus to base your expectations on another’s journey will only set you up for failure. Aim to find what clicks with you, do the work, then the pieces will fall together.


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