From Gym Fear to Fitness Fun

Working out is fun. Exercise is fun. I’ve met too many people who dread walking into a gym. Is it because you’re not quite sure what to do? Are you embarrassed of what others will think? Maybe you’re scared of failing? No, there isn’t such a thing as “gymnophobia”. This is all about making fitness fun.

I’ve personally come to feel a deep passion for exercise and working out. I attribute this to the past decade of doing physical activity. I remember the first gym membership I had was to one with a rock wall. It had an auto-belay system so I could go and climb by myself or with a friend.

I gradually used weights more and more, until now I typically spend about 60-70% of my time weight lifting.

I’d like to try to help those who, for whichever reason, may not enjoy going to the gym.

I recently started going to the gym with a childhood friend of mine who hasn’t stepped foot in a gym in 6 years. I was overly impressed as he dove right in and let me train him. It brought back memories of when I began making fitness fun for myself.

I can only imagine the feelings he may have felt as he entered this unfamiliar world to do unfamiliar things. A few days later we went for round two. This workout last almost 2 hours!

So what do you do when facing such a “new thing”? First of all, send me a message. Use the contact form and reach out. Having a friend you can talk to can help overcome the gym concerns. If you’re local to my area, perhaps we can go get started together.

Music is another great tool to use. There’s just something different about putting in headphones and drowning out your surroundings. This may be challenging if the gym you’re at plays music unreasonably loud. Otherwise pop in your favorite tunes and get to work.

Observe people. If you’re concerned with being around so many people, consider watching them. Do your workout, but watch what other people do. See if you can pick up on little things each person does differently. Then try those things and see what you like best.

Do different workouts. I have a close friend who swears by splitting his workouts into upper body or lower body. I personally don’t enjoy it, so I do something else. I combine chest with back on one day, biceps with triceps on another, and then do legs with shoulders and abs on The last. This format really works for me and gets me excited to keep going back.

Don’t do cardio. Okay, just kidding with this one. But really if you tell yourself “it’s cardio day today” then you’re more likely to not get amped up about it. To make this lesser-loved aspect of fitness fun I prefer to plan the exercises. I’ll go in understanding I have 20 minutes on the treadmill and then 20 minutes on the stair master. More often than not I’ll throw some weight lifting in those sessions too for some variety.

There are many ways to turn your gym fear into fitness fun. The most important thing is staying consistent. Find something that you enjoy, and keep doing it. When you aren’t consistent it’s harder to reach your goals. That’s what my goal is, to help you achieve results that last.

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