First Time Using Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize is a pretty interesting concept. This excerpt from their site explains a little about their goal:

Jawzrsize Works Over 57 Muscles through a repeated “biting” motion. Simply place it in your mouth and start repping (each bite is a rep).

– Jawzrsize

When I first opened the package it came with some nice little instructions which really don’t leave much to question in terms of how to use it.

how to use jawzrsize

I started using Jawzrsize for the first time today. The instructions say to perform 6-12 sets of 15-30 reps every other day. I decided I might as well try to hit the full 12 sets of 30 reps. It honestly wasn’t too hard to reach. It may be because I’m using the beginner block, but I suppose it could be different for anyone.

I’m not sure how long it takes to notice actual results, but I do have some before pictures taken. After a few weeks I’ll take some more and compare. I mostly decided to give Jawzrsize a shot out of curiosity. I don’t particularly have an end goal. However, the story of how it came to be is actually pretty inspiring.

One thing it reminded me of is my tendency to clench my teeth. I mostly catch myself doing it when I’m lifting weights and usually have to focus on stopping myself. Perhaps something like this, but smaller and more appropriate, could be used as a guard. I won’t try it with Jawzrsize because it’s too big and it isn’t the intended use. It’s food for thought though.

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