My Personal Experience with the Results App

Weight management can sometimes be a complicated topic. I personally go through phases of weight loss goals or trying to build muscle. Lately I’ve been trying to burn stubborn fat off my body. It had been such a struggle!

For about 5 months my weight has ranged from 265-275lbs. This graph from Fitbit shows the trend my weight took during July of 2018.

I’m about 5’11” so according to BMI I’m technically obese, but something you have to understand is that those charts don’t take body composition into account. During that 6 month time period my body fat percentage went from about 31% down to 25%.

The above image is a screenshot from Skulpt. I use the Skulpt app and Skulpt Aim device to measure my body fat percentage frequently and measure trends.

There’s a limit to the way I was going about things however. Changing composition (losing fat and building muscle) simultaneously is the longest lasting, yet slowest, method of weight management.

Ultimately doing it the way I did produces a lifestyle that is sustainable and produces results for years to come.

I began to get frustrated though. I wanted to lose fat more quickly, maintain the amount of muscle I had, and see my overall weight decrease. That’s when I started using the Results App.

I developed the Results App with my background and graduate degree in Analytics. It uses data from fitness apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Skulpt to learn specialized algorithms for each individual.

The problem with any calculator or formula used to estimate calorie needs (metabolic rates) is that they are just that, estimates. I plugged my numbers in just now to see what it tells me for maintenance calories.

My result was 3,626-3,826 calories for maintenance based on the Harris-Benedict equation used on

For me, this is grossly inaccurate. For some it may be fine, and for others it may be much closer than myself. However, I’ve learned over the past two weeks while using the Results App that I’m able to effectively and safely lose weight (fat) without sacrificing muscle.

Over the past 30 days I’ve consumed an average of 2,298 calories per day. Utilizing this data with my change in weight over time, the Results App has provided me with a maintenance calorie amount of 2,707. That means that in order to maintain weight given my current level of exercise and activity I will need to eat an average of about 2,700 calories each day.

This is a difference of about 1,000 calories from the one based on a generic calculator.

What was the result I got from these on-demand recommendations from the Results App?

This morning I weighed in at 259.6lbs. That’s 9lbs I lost in about a 2 week period.

The amazing part about the Results App is that it adapts to your current lifestyle and circumstances. If you transition from 3-4 days of exercise per week to 5-6 days per week, it will automatically learn the changes that take place in your body.

Have you ever wondered how nutritional choices impact your body and calorie needs? Whether you’re living a vegan lifestyle, maintaining your body in ketosis, or simply counting macros it will deliver results all the same.

My personal goal is to get down to 250lbs and then re-evaluate myself to set a new goal. That may be muscle hypertrophy or continued fat loss.

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Before the official launch of the Results App this coming Winter, you can access all features (premium included) by signing up using the form above.

For a limited time, when you sign up for the Results App, you’ll also receive one-on-one coaching (via email or phone) to ensure you’re able to make the most use out of the Results App.

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