The Best Smart Bathroom Scales for 2019 that Monitor Body Fat to Help Weight Loss

Whether you’re someone who believes focusing on the number on the scale is harmful, or you think that tracking your weight religiously is the way to go, having a smart scale will change the way you look at your own personal fitness.

I decided to try out some scales myself, and ended up with the RENPHO Smart Heart Rate Body Fat Scale. Choose between white or black, and it’s sleek design will complement whichever room you decide to make it’s new home.

The biggest of the 2 metrics I keep track of, besides weight of course, is the body fat percentage and the BMI. These two offer some great insights as to how my progress is going when it comes to fitness.

The scale has an internal memory and syncs automatically to your phone via bluetooth. My wife and I use it and the scale can differentiate between the two of us when synchronizing data.

The best thing about Amazon is that if you have Prime, you can often find a free return policy attached to items. I never had to return this one because I fell in love, but I’d highly recommend you order it and try it out for yourself.

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