What is a Metabolic Profile

A metabolic profile is the simplified breakdown of how your body reacts with calorie intake and energy expenditure. In the Results App you’ll see a tile similar to the one below.

metabolic profile

1. Average Calorie Intake

This number shows the average number of calories you are consuming each day. This number is very important. Often times you may believe you are eating more or less than you actually are.

2. Weight Loss Calories

This number shows the amount of calories you may expect to eat in order to lose weight. Weight loss occurs when you are in a calorie deficit. In other words, when you eat less calories than you are burning throughout the day, you lose weight.

3. Maintenance Calories

This number is the current number of calories you may expect to eat in order to maintain your weight. Among other thing this takes into account your level of activity, weight, and number of calories you are consuming. This number will go up and down as The Results App learns more about your personal fitness. Just remember that staying consistent is the key to success.

4. Weight Gain Calories

This is the number of calories you may expect to eat when you are trying to gain weight, or more specifically build muscle. When you eat more calories than you burn, your body will generally gain weight in the form of fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, or any combination of them all.