The Hardest Part of Weight Loss May Surprise You

Almost anywhere I go I hear the same old things.

“I’m trying to lose weight, what product is best for that?”

“My friend started Keto and lose 40lbs in a single month. I think I’ll try it”

“I don’t eat much but I still don’t lose weight, I think I need to eat less fat”

Honestly I could go on for hours. So many people wrap their heads around fictitious weight loss concepts and don’t let go. Yes, ketogenic strategies can work, and some products may aid fat loss. However most of the time when it comes to losing weight these aren’t the first things that should be on your mind.

The hardest part of weight loss may actually surprise you.

It’s consistency.

No matter what “diet” you pick, no matter how you exercise, nothing will work unless you are consistent.

Consistently maintaining your nutrition and exercise in an appropriate manner will absolutely earn you better results.

There may be other opinions, but that’s the biggest thing that’s made a difference in my own progress.

Want to know something even better? That means it’s okay when you fall off the wagon so to speak. That “cheat meal” you had the other day that turned into a whole “cheat day”? It’s not as crippling as you would think. Now if you’re consistently having those then that’s setup for failure.

If you’re consistently eating smart and exercising appropriately, then a cheat day once in a while won’t derail you completely. Don’t plan them out, but don’t get down on yourself when you slip up. Tell yourself you’ll do better the next day, and always try to improve.

Now when it comes to products…

This is one where there can be a lot of controversy. I prefer to keep things simple myself. There are a few things I look for when selecting what I use to supplement my nutrition and training.

  1. Flavor. If I don’t like the flavor of something then it’s miserable. I regret consuming it, and then immediately crave junk food. Flavor is important for me.
  2. Macronutrients. If the supplement has calories, then I pay close attention to the protein, carbs, and fats it has. These help me reach my caloric goals.
  3. Ingredients. If you have questions about these just check out my Ingredient Index. These are important depending on what you use the product for. Don’t get involved in the hype of a “miracle pill” or something similar. Educate yourself and make smart choices.

One thing I’ve admired about Run Everything Labs from the beginning is they have a very transparent message.

They place on their labels that supplements aren’t magic, and they require hard work. Not many companies openly market that and put it right on their label.

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If you have questions about your own fitness feel free to reach out to me and I’ll help answer your questions.

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