Tips to Losing Weight After Pregnancy


about shedding that extra weight post-pregnancy? You are not alone!

weight postpartum comes with its own set of struggles, as where on one hand you
are recovering from childbirth, on the other you are getting used to a new life
with your newborn baby.

Most women
struggle to lose weight after pregnancy, but it is always helpful to have
realistic expectations from yourself from the beginning. It is extremely
important to feel positive about your body, and alter your perspective to
focusing on achieving a healthy body weight rather than thinking about getting

One of the
first things you must keep in mind in your effort to lose baby weight is to
understand that this is something that will take time. Once you are prepared to
be a part of this weight loss journey, it would become much easier for you to
reach a healthy weight range in an organic and effortless way. Here are some
useful tips to help you lose weight after pregnancy –

  • Breastfeed –

Breastfeeding is not just great for a newborn’s health and immunity, but can also help the mother’s weight loss after 3 months of delivery. Many studies reveal that women who breastfeed tend to lose weight much early as compared to women who don’t. Other than that breastfeeding is also proven to help bring back the mother’s uterus to its normal size much faster after childbirth. So, if you can, you must choose to breastfeed your newborn.

  • Eat Healthy
    Snacks –

If you are making an effort to lose weight after pregnancy then make sure that your home is stocked up with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, yogurt, etc. So, when you feel hungry, you choose to eat healthy snacks instead of gorging on highly processed junk foods like, chips, burgers, pizzas, candies, etc. that are high in calories.

  • Exercise /
    Resistance Training –

Some form of
exercise, be it walking, running or resistance training must be combined with a
healthy diet to lose weight after pregnancy. Resistance training can be really
helpful in losing baby weight, as it does so while maintaining your muscle
mass. But, before starting any kind of physical training, make sure that your
pelvic and stomach area is completely healed to avoid any complications.

  • Increase
    Your Fluid Intake –

hydrated all day long is essential to lose weight after pregnancy, especially
if you breastfeed your newborn. Water and other fluids help boost your body’s
metabolism, which eventually helps you with weight loss. So, make sure that you
drink at least 1-2 liters of water/fluids every day and increase your chances
of losing weight postpartum.

Your weight loss journey after pregnancy might take between six to nine months. And of the best things you can do to make this journey an easy one is to not be hard on yourself. Enjoy the beautiful feeling of motherhood, while trying to balance a good diet, exercise, and sleep; for it is a combination of all these factors that will give you effective results for weight loss postpartum.

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