Best YouTube Workout Videos to Watch at Home

Wow, where do I even start? I’m a huge fan of watching videos that others have made showcasing different workout or exercise ideas. What’s even better, is that YouTube is free. Unless, of course, you want to pay for YouTube Red. I’ve watched hours of video over the past few weeks to find for you the best YouTube workout videos to watch at home or on the go.  Occasionally I’ll watch them while doing cardio for a little multitasking and motivation.  Regardless, there are a few key content creators on YouTube that I would recommend watching and even subscribing to.

Best YouTube Workout Videos

Training Basics & Theory | Chapter 1: The Fundamentals Series [Jeff Nippard]

Jeff Nippard is probably one of the first fitness YouTube channels I subscribed to. He does an excellent job at explaining everything from a science-based perspective. This fundamentals video above is the first in his series of detailed information laid out in a simple manner so that it is easy to follow and also to apply.

My Best Fitness Strategies (Training Splits, Nutrition Plans, Supplements, and Team Run Everything) [JBarkFit]

Alright so this one is mine. I couldn’t help but throw my channel in with the mix. I am very passionate about fitness, and with a background in engineering and analytics I typically show things in a different way than you might be used to seeing. I encourage you to check it out and subscribe if you like what you see. I am always open to comments and suggestions.

How I Grew My Glutes 2cm Naturally In 8 Weeks (Realistic Results) [Stephanie Buttermore]

Stephanie Buttermore is another incredible fitness influencer on YouTube. She earned her PhD and applies all that knowledge to her fitness and it shows on the channel.  She has several videos on beauty topics to tailor to the female crowd as well. I highly recommend subscribing to Stephanie. You’ll learn a lot from her content, and she is very consistent at posting.

ABS 101 – Step by Step Six Pack Plan! (TARGET EVERY AREA) [Athlean-X]

Jeff Cavaliere is an incredible inspiration when it comes to fitness.  He knows a lot, and it shows in his videos. While he does have his website and sells product there, his channel is not focused on sales to the point where it becomes distracting. He focuses on teaching important strategies that will absolutely improve your progress and results.

The above are only 4 of the videos and channels that I feel are the best YouTube workout videos. I subscribe to all of those channels and look forward to each time a new video will be released. Feel free to comment on your favorite workout videos on YouTube! If you have anything you want to see on my channel or on this site feel free to reach out and let me know.

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